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CYBERCRYPT D1 Generic service

The CYBERCRYPT D1 Generic service is a secure encryption solution aimed at making it easy to manage sensitive data across multiple cloud environments while simultaneously removing the need to trust the cloud providers with encryption keys. D1 Generic provides a simple gRPC interface that allows multiple workloads or users to encrypt and decrypt data securely.

D1 Generic is designed with the philosophy that you should not have to unconditionally trust cloud providers to protect your sensitive data, and that having to manage keys and credentials across several cloud environments is a security problem in itself. D1 Generic minimizes the potential attack surface and simplifies key management, while still allowing you to take advantage of a multi cloud setup. It is designed to not only encrypt and authenticate your data using modern cryptographic standards, but also to cryptographically enforce user authentication and authorization.

Running D1 Generic locally

The easiest way to try out D1 Generic is to start a local Docker Compose instance. For instructions on how to do this, see the Getting Started guide. The documentation folder also provides a User Manual as well as an overview of the gRPC API.

Running D1 Generic in a Kubernetes cluster


You can run D1 Generic in a Kubernetes cluster. Refer to the provisioning documentation for instructions on how to provision in different cloud providers.


Using the D1 Generic Helm Chart, you can deploy D1 Generic to a Kubernetes. See the D1 Generic Helm Chart documentation for more information.